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7:42 a.m. - 2007-09-04
Let's go to the beach.
Remember that guy I called Johnny Tremain a while ago? The homeless guy who my friend took in and was such a great roommate for so long?

He's a lousy drunk.

Apparently he was arrested for drunk driving several years ago, lost his license, was homeless for a while, then moved in with my yoga friend. And he's been driving her car without a license for the last year and a half.

Anyway, he went to AA, is a confirmed alcoholic, and possibly drug abuser.

And he's started drinking again. By himself. A twelve pack at a time. And he's a nasty drunk. I almost pummelled him myself.

Poor yoga friend is scared now, because he's undergone a complete personality change and is demanding, needier than normal, and of course, drinking when he shouldn't be.

He told her that this past weekend was the last time. That he wanted to get it out of his system before the beach trip we three are making this weekend.

But what exactly did he have to get out of his system?

Apparently me.

He wants to "do it" and he knows I don't want to. He knows it because I told him to his face. I had to, because he kept pushing.

Actually, I told him, "I think you're an attractive man, but I don't want to do you. And its nothing you can fix if that's the road you want to go down."

Then he proceeded to tell me that he's only ever attracted to extremely thin women.

Hmmm. Can we say childish response?

And this is the guy I'm going to be sleeping in the same room with at the beach with this weekend. Fun, fun, fun.

If he acts up, I'm gonna channel H (who is the biggest asshole known to man, and I'm keeping the fucking sweatshirt...) and knock his head against the nearest wall. I have no tolerance for his whiny alcoholic nonsense.


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