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7:54 a.m. - 2007-10-16
Update - boring.
Well, for those in the know, and those who want to, I went to the Neurosurgeon yesterday to investigate some pain and irregularities in my spine. The cool thing is he votes for no surgery. Yippee!

The unool thing is that the program he wants me to commit to sounds torturous. Chiropracture, physiotherapy, pain therapy (yay!), an dsomething else, not sure what. Its all in the same office. He has this team of doctors and specialists of different modalities (is that the right word?) that attack spine issues in different ways, sometimes in combination. So that's exiting, can't wait to get started. But I think they're going to make me work. Hard. But he promised they'd address the pain before embarking me on the road to athletecism. Seriously, that's the goal of this program. They don't just get you out of pain and on your feet. They keep you till you're physically fit and consistantly out of pain. Some of the spine issues are going to deteriorate anyway, but at this point, I'm not in immediate danger of permanent nerve damage. I've just left the nerves irritated too long which is why they are so damned angry.

Hopefully they'll get me on my feet and good to go for New York in December.

Now, I have to go back to the Ortho doc in a couple of weeks to see how the knee is doing and see what he wants to do. He shot it up with cortizone to help out and it did help about 70%. He wants MRIs to see what's going on with the cartilige and miniscus. Something is wrong. But we'll see. I think that all these issues have to do with eachother. One area of imbalance stressing out other areas, causing damage and irritation. So maybe it'll all shake out.

Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, I have no life, so that's all I have to say. Sad, no?


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