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1:52 p.m. - 2007-11-11
What I did Friday night that bit me on the ass.
Why didn't anyone tell me about grain alcohol?

Six even warned me not to overindulge Friday night at the party up here, so I could make it down to play with her at The Bar last night. But, I didn't listen, and there were jello shots, and a really nice, yummy punch. And it didn't taste like it was lethal.

But it was.

So next weekend, I do believe I will be a tame little mouse on Friday so I can be a bouncy little alkieholic on Saturday and romp around with me friends in the big city.

Thank God for Cokeacola. Nothin' like it when you're hung over and hurting.

Oh, I did meet a very nice man Friday night at the fatal party, but he was married. Shit...


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