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8:03 a.m. - 2008-01-07
Movie review and weekend run down.
I've always known that movie reviews are bullshit. (Sorry T, haven't read your's yet...)

But, they got it seriously wrong with PS I L0ve Y0u.

I saw it last night and soaked my t-shirt with tears, because it was a two hour long tear jerker, and I didn't bring tissues.

Holy shit it was a great movie! And not only because my man of the moment Ger@rd But1er was the most adorable man I've ever seen.

It was really weird to hear him speak with an Irish accent. It actually took me a few minutes to figure it out.


But then, most reviews said that Gerard was great. It was Hillary Sw@nk's performance, which I thought was fucking brilliant, that they complained about.

She's not the Barbiest of romantic heroines, but she's real, and deep, and spectacular as M0lly -- the heartbroken widow on the road to healing. Her grief was palpable, as demonstrated by the sniffles and nose blowing running rampant in the theater. Think the last 45 minutes of Titanic...

Do not see this movie if you do not want to cry non-stop for two hours. But I think you should. You'll also laugh your ass off about 100 times. I mean, this flick is wicked crazy pee in your pants funny.

I guess that was really more of a movie review than a journal entry, but that was the highlight of my weekend. I did have fun. Did some shopping at the organic store with my yoga friends, and ate organic food with my yoga friends... Hung out at the coffee shot to gossip... Got rid of a bunch of stuff in my apartment to prepare for moving eventually.

Looked at to see what's up in the local market... Nothing I want, but local condos tend to go up pretty frequently.

So, we'll see.


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