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4:22 p.m. - 2008-01-22
What I did on vacation
The long weekend at the beach with Batten, Eastportgrl and their friends was a grand success. We all felt as though we'd been there for a week and were quite refreshed. It could have been that brisk 20 below zero walk we took to see the actual sand and water, followed by hot toddies and microbrewed on premesis beer we partook in for the next five hours to warm up...


But oh so good.

Today has been an easy work day. I worked from home because when I got to work, I remembered that my laptop was at home. So here I am at the end of my workday, typing out an update, and looking at real estate. I'm really glad I've waited it out. Prices are lower, and now interest rates are falling. Woo hoo!

Now, the question is, do I wait for something appropriate to open up in my town, or do I jump on a condo across the state line because its time and I can get a good deal?

Decisions, decisions.


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