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11:59 p.m. - 2008-02-15
A brain apart
Hey ya'll! I've been in nowhereland, uncomputered for many days and just got back online. My old computer died and I had this new one form five years ago when I got a credit card and it was a free gift, and I finally got it up and running on cable.

Its OK, but the type is really thin, and the screen is kind of dimish, but it'll work. And if I knew what to do I could probably fix the visibility thing.

So now I have to rip out the old hard drive /mother board and destroy then so I can dispose of the old thing.

OK, onto the real stuff.

I hate my job today because I feel like I'm overloaded, my team is overloaded and everything is shitty.

I swear its making me emotionally bi-polar. Not chemically, but definately emotionally. Either I'm on top of the world and am the shit, or I think I'm going to fail,a dn people are being shitty and I want to quit, but i have debt to pay off and a house to buy and.....

(insert primal scream)

So, you see, nothing new here.


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