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7:45 a.m. - 2008-04-29
The pee that didn't happen.
So, I was on this fishing trip. And I'm the only girl. And the head is in front of the driver's seat, out in the open, two feet away from the boys on the boat...

We were out there for 8 hours. And I held it the whole time.

Actually, more like 3 hours, because I didn't have to pee until 5 hours in.

You bet your panties I launched myself off that boat and ran for the port-a-pot first chance I got.

I mean, I've hiked out with people I know, and rough camped, and peed in front of numerous buddies drunk and un-drunk.

But, I couldn't bring myself to pee in front of men I didn't know, in full view of the world, most of all - with a cute boy on the boat.

Silly, I know.

Oh, I'm reading "Odd Th0mas" right now, on recommendation of a famous author, who will not be named.

Mysterious, no?

I like it so far. So, I recommend it too. If you're into that sort of thing.


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