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7:16 a.m. - 2008-05-20
Screw it.,
I spent last night hanging with my earthy, crunchy yoga friends and watching movies. I actually left work earlier than normal, because the stress is becoming rediculous, and went over to eat tofu and be a couch potato.

We started with 27 Dre$$es, which is uber cute. I've been in/to a few weddings in my day, many of them casual affairs in college, people I don't even remember... But a couple of them were really nice, and the dresses? Not as bad as they could have been. In fact, the one I wore for Six's wedding was pretty cool, all deep red velvet, and rather low cut.

My friend A ended up wearing it for her own wedding a couple years later.

The next one we watched was L@rs and the Re@l Girl. That was a cool movie. Not quite what I expected, which I'm actually happy about. But what really go to me was how the town wrapped their arms and hearts around this guy, who went into neverneverland for a bit. I love stories like that. It makes me have hope for mankind.

Oh, and I have to find a new gym. Mine stinks to high heaven. I mean, years of sweat, and stank, and rotted rubber are heavy in the air and it makes me a little ill. I don't mind the smell of fresh sweat on hard working males, but when its had years to age and ripen, its just nasty.

I like the pool though...

I'll look around for something. I'd like to workout at home, but there's no room for anything more than a yoga mat.

Oh, and I made a mistake and paid one of my credit cards twice this month. Once online and one by check. And it was a heafty payment, and my car payment doesn't come out till Friday, so I'm not spending any money till Saturday and hoping I have enough in checking to cover it all.

Then its another week till I get paid. Which will be fine after Friday, because I have an overdraft account I can draw from.

This is only my second month of cutting back and paying more on credit cards and I screwed up already.

I'll have to try harder next month.


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