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7:17 p.m. - 2008-08-05
Gnawing thoughts
What's up with me? Nuthin'. I work, I eat, I sleep. On the weekends, the time goes by so fast, its like it never happened.

But, I'm not entirely unhappy. Work is going well - or at least I'm not depressed, so it doesn't bother me. I'm not entirely sure what goes on there. Depressed because I work too much for a blood sucking company in which I'm very successful, and have no love life and am a pudgy pudgy butterball of a woman, or the opposite.

But right now, all the above are true but I'm not depressed.

So, maybe its just a hormonal thing.

In any case, there's just not that much going on to report.

I did go to Alabama for a cousin's wedding the week before last. It was HOT. I melted into a large puddle. Its always good to connect with my dad's side of the family though. Its not as traumatic as it used to be. Not like grieving all over again. Now I'm developing relationships with my cousins separately from our relationship through my dad. And I'm finding that we have more in common than I ever thought.

So that's nice.

Then I had to fly from there to Georgia for business. In fact, I had been in Georgia for business the week before I went to Alabama. Hectic...

Now I'm home, and I'm just beginning to recognize my bed, and my kitchen...

I'm wanted to Georgia every week, but I'm not wanting to be there. I may be single, but I do have a life, when I can cram it in.

Oh, hey, I was talking to a friend of mine (a newer friend) who lives in North Carolina - or maybe its south...

Anyway, she thinks I have no love life because I live in a small town, and most people move to small towns when they're ready to settle down with their families.

I think she's right.


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