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7:18 a.m. - 2008-10-06
Plans, plans.
Gearing up for yet another trip to Georgia. Blech... I'm so enjoying the cooler weather we have here. Breaking out the coats and sweaters. Now I'll be back in short sleeves.

I already can't wait to be back home on Thursday night.

The big wedding is this weekend. Ex-Mr. Six and college roomie. Kilts... Good food... I'll be a happy girl.

Next weekend I'll be even happier, as I am taking a mini vacation to the Great Lakes to visit my Great Lakes friend for a few days! Woo hoo! Cool weather (he told me to pack my ear muffs), and possibly, a trip to Chicago to see the famous lions of Tsavo. We'll see what we feel like doing when I get there.

I wonder if he has any kilts hiding in his closet? Bwahahahahaa.

Once a Zen, always a Zen.


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