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1:42 p.m. - 2008-10-25
Cool dream!
I had the best dream in my whole entire life this morning.

I was working with a medical aid service in Asia somewhere (Thailand I think?) with L1am Nees0n!!! And he wasn't old balls. He was really cute, and he liked me :))

In my dream we worked closely together providing medical care (he was a doctor, I was a nurse - heh, heh) to refugees. And we were walking a thin line between being able to provide care, and being hunted down by the army.

I ended up getting shot in the front of the neck, but shot three enemies myself before I went down.

Then Liam got a jeep and drove us out of there and headed toward a clear location in order to take the bullet out of my neck. He was really sweet and concerned and protective.

I woke up when he got the bullet out and we were on our way.

This all happened between snooze alarms this morning. It took an hour, because my alarm was set for seven, and it was 8 when the dream was over.

Man. I could dream that dream every morning for the rest of my life and be happy forever.

It was so vivid and detailed. I can still smell the folliage and feel the wetness of the air on my skin.

I've never hit the snooze that often, nor gone back to sleep when I did. Weird...


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