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7:34 a.m. - 2008-11-17
Mish mash.
I'd love to tell you all tales of hte fantastic, exciting, illicit weekend I just experienced...

But I won't.

Because, actually, I had a pretty calm, boring, productive weekend.

I cleaned my apartment, cooked some food. Unfortunately, it ended up smelling like dog food, and I threw it away. Sometimes meat replacements can be stinky. I took my nephew to breakfast and a Christmas bazarr. And I went to a party fo a sweet sixteen who is very sweet. I spoiled her a little bit. She's such a good kid. So I gave her a gift certif from B0rders, and some treats from LUSH.

I got her mom hooked on LUSH years ago. Remember that pilgrimage to Toronto, because it was the closest store? And we both spent about $200, which back in the day, before LUSH went American and the prices shot up by 200% at least, was a hell of a lot of bath product. We got stopped at customs, and were asked what we bought, and very truthfully, we said, Bath Products!!! The guy just shook his head and let us pass.

Speaking of Toronto, I'd love to go back. It's one of my favorite cities of all time.

I'd really like to go to Montreal too. After I study up on some French. I can practice with my relatives up north. They're die hard Acadians...

Hey, you know, I've been feeling way exhausted for the last couple weeks, and now I have a slight fever. I'm guessing it's another sinus infection, but I'm not spewing any nasty stuff. Probably because of the Nas0nex I've been using religiously. So, I'm not inflamed, but I have an infection anyway. What gives?

I guess I'll go to the doctor, but really, I'm pissed. I do the saline nasal rinses daily, the nose inhaler daily, what else can a girl do to keep her self uninfected? If I wash my hands/purell any more, they'll fall off.

I think it's a curse. Can anyone get it removed for me?

I thought not...

OK, now I'm going to be a geek for a moment, and say how much I'm anticipating the Tw1light movie. The book was so cute, I've got to see the movie now. I'll probably be disappointed, but I don't care. It's something to look forward to.

Oh, my nephew has expressed an interest in going camping with me. In my mom's living room. In sleeping bags, in front of the fireplace.

Isn't that cute?


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