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10:18 p.m. - 2008-11-30
A day in the life.
Hey You!!! You're the bestest, bestest, bestest friend a girl could have. Big, wet, sloppy kisses! MMWWAA!


OK, now back to our regularly scheduled update.

I made some x-mas purchases today. When I got to the mall, I promised myself that I wouldn't stay unless I got kick ass parking. And I did. So I stayed, and walked through some girly make-up stores, some hair product stores, some lingerie stores, and walked out with a bag of exotic teas, and some hand lotion.

I was such a good girl. People weren't too beastly either. Surprising. Nice.

I ate at PF Ch@ngs (my favorite chinese place) which was also very nice. I had the garlic sauteed spinich and some veggie dumplings. Very yummy. They give you this cool sauce kit with different stuff to mix in till you get the perfect balance of salt, sweet and spicy. Mmmmmm.

Then I made my way to my local co-op where I purchased super healthy lunch and breakfast stuff. Six inspired me. She is so fucking skinny and hot now. It's disgusting. But she's been eating healthy and working out a lot. So, it makes sense that she looks great.

I walked past this really cute guy in the co-op. And he looked at me and smiled, and said hello. I wanted to take him home. I should have said more than Hi.


Whatever Zen...

My house is satarting to look all Christmassy. I decorated outwise with super sparkly silver, and inside I have blue and silver garland on my bookshelves. I also have a stuffed elf from Rudolph (the one who wanted to be a dentist), but he won't stand up on his own, and can't sit, so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with him. I need a stand or something.

I'm keeping it simple and silly this year. Which is better than last year when I didn't decorate at all. I was such a scrooge. But this year, I refuse to feel sorry for myself, and I'm decorating dammit. No tree with ornaments or anything, but I wanted a little festiveness.

And the blue matches the blue light on my brand spanking new air purifier. It's purdy. And it purifies the air in six or seven different ways. It makes me feel better about living in a sooty ass apartment.

That's about it I guess.

A big shout out to my Peeps by the water! See ya in a couple of weeks!


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