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10:45 p.m. - 2008-12-19
Lessons learned from movies.
I learned a cool lesson from this movie I watched last weekend called Latter Days.

This guy was comforting a woman who had just lost her best friend. He asked if she ever read the Sunday comics. Because when he was a kid, he used to hold them up to his face, and marvelled that it was really all a mass of dots from up close.

He related those dots to life on earth. A mass of dots. And he said that he thought from God's perspective, our lives are all clear, all connected. But to us, here on earth, with all of the trials and losses we don't understand, and wonder if we'll live through, it's just all a mass of dots.

I thought that was a cool way to look at things. It really does make sense from above. And maybe when die, if there is an afterlife, we'll be able to look from that perspective, and realize what it was all for.

I've said that I have my head up my ass from time to time. And I suppose that what I mean is that it's all dots, and they aren't connecting, and it's overwhelming, and I try to maintain only one or two dots at a time and shut out the rest.

I wish I had the benefit of hindsight for the years yet to come, so that I could relax a little, and make some good decisons that will make me happy long term.

Abracadabra, baby!

P.S. That movie makes me want to be a gay man. OK. Maybe not. But, if I WERE a man, I'd totally be into guys...


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