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10:41 a.m. - 2009-01-18
How the past sneaks up on us...
I was over at my yoga friend's house yesterday evening and she was showing me some of her friends on Faceb00k. And she panned by one name, which rang a bell. It was my sadistic ex-gayboyfriend's wife. Or, so it seems, ex-wife. The poor thing is enormous. Easily 4'2'' and 400 pounds. She was so petite and cute when my ex and I mfirst met her. She gained the first hundred within the first year of their relationship. It's aweful. And I feel for her. That man has a way of tearing a woman down and putting serious pounds on her.

The woman is someone my friend volunteered several years ago and still keeps in touch with now and then.

How bizarre is that? Goes to show how very small the world is.

And the impact one evil person can have on another.


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