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10:08 p.m. - 2009-02-15
Jumble of thoughts.
I made it through another Valentine's Day single. Even when I'm dating someone, we always break up befroe V-day, then get back together after. I avoid it like the plague...

Instead of doing something Valentiney, I went to the movies and saw Taken Friday night. Liam Neeson was so HOT! Oh my god. A little skinny, but oh so tasty...

Kick ass movie if you want to see some action.

Saturday night I had a sleepover at my mom's with my broher and nephew. Per my nephew's request. He was so cute. Just chattered and chattered. We watched CARS - also very cute. I could actually watch it again.

Today I just sort of schlumped around after a I had a massage. The girl I've been going to for ten years has gotten so booked that she's opened Sundays for her original regulars.

It was nice, but I'm still so darned stiff. Work stress. Its UGLY there. Gastly... Ye,s that's a good word. Gastly. Gives me the shivers to think about going back.

But now that I have a big goal in mind, I'm not about to give in. I'm gonna fight, fight, fight to keep on keepin' on and come out ahead in a couple years.


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