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7:16 a.m. - 2009-03-03
Have you ever had a week long muscle spasm? I've got an exceedingly painful one in my left shoulder that's killing me and won't go away. I've tried ice, heat, ibuprofin...

No fun...

Oh, and that huge snowstorm we were supposed to get yesterday? We got nuthin'. Zip. I'm so disappointed.

Good news though, I had enough points with Marriot to get a free hotel the night before the cruise when all the rooms were taken online. I called the concierge line (since I stayed so many nights last year, I'm some sort of premium member) and begged for a room. I really didn't fancy the idea of sleeping in the airport overnight with my folks...

Luckily, they reserve rooms for elite members, and even more lucky, I have enough points to get it for free, plus free breakfast!

Woo hoo! I consider this a sign that it's going to be a great vacation! And its less than three weeks away! I need to get that suitcase out and start organizing.


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