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7:24 a.m. - 2009-03-12
Do not read if you're sensitive to girl issues.
I'm loving this Silk soy creamer, agave syrup and blueberries I'm having for breakfast. Mmmm.

I'm trying to stay away from soy for the most part, due to the estrogens, because I don't want to fuck up my woman-health. But a little creamer and maybe a soyburger now and then won't hurt.

Speaking of which, my yearly woman appointment is coming up next week and I'm nervous. I've been free of tumors for two years now, and I'm worried about them coming back again. I don't think I can manage another surgery. I really don't. Each one takes my ability to recover down a notch. I feel ready to begin the jouney to reclaim my fitness again, no pain, no gain, but another abdominal surgery will sink me.

And the really fucked up thing is that having a historectomy won't even solve the problem. Because most of them weren't connected. They were attached to major organs all by themselves. So the only guarantee is to get rid of estrogen all together.

Wouldn't that be nice...

I'm hoping that now I only have one ovary that the hormone issue is reduced enough to stave off tumor growth.

Cross your fingers please.


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