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8:34 a.m. - 2009-05-01
I had the most amazing accupuncture session yesterday. A new community accupuncture place opened in town and the guy who did mine last night was really nice. Its cheap, because they treat multiple people in the same room to save on costs, so you just pay what you can.

But I really noticed a lot of physical and mental effects. So I think I'll keep going. He's going to work initially on my allergies, systemic stress (surprise, surprise) and removing some body heat. I'm one of those people who's perpetually hot like a furnace. Always have been. (Remember YOU? LOL!)

It was funny, he put one needle (really shallow) in my left foot that made me feel like I was on drugs. Good ones. Made me feel groovy...

When the allergies ease up more, I'll go back to the gym too. I just need to find a machine that works for me. The ellipticals there don't really work for me. They make my hips feel like they're going out of socket.

So, we'll see.


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