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8:07 a.m. - 2009-12-18
Fixing up Adam Lambert
I'm on vacation for a few days now. Yay! Waking up this morning and not having to go to work is kinda nice. I'm going to moosh for a while, then have some lunch, then take a shower and get ready for Christmas parties later today.

Party # 2 is in The City where Six lives, and its supposed to snow buckets tonight through Sunday morning. But I'm going to put my faith in my trusty little 4 wheel drive vehicle and make the drive anyway. I'll have to remember to pack my waterproof hiking boots and gaiters.

Oh, hey, I re-listened to Adam Lambert's album and have found a couple of gems. I still have issues with some of the songs, being way too synthesized and outerspacey sounding, but a good half are pretty cool.

I nerded out and watched his interview with The View on y0utube yesterday morning. My god that man is sex on a stick.

Adam Lambert makes me want to be a gay man... Just so I'd have a shot there, you know?

I've decided I want to fix him up with my god-son. And I have very good instincts with fix ups. But this one will be extra tricky since one of them is famous and not exactly accessible. But they'd be so darned cute together.

Yes, this is what a Zen thinks about...


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