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7:45 p.m. - 2010-02-25
Cruising with the 60s.
I hate to complain, being on a cruise-n-all, but I'm already over being with the mom and step-dad. It's nice being away, and it's nice being served wine and flirtation by the Frenchie Wine Manager. But seriously, I need a friend to hang out with during the day. Everyone on this boat who isn't working is over 60.

And I keep gambling because it's the only thing to do. The good news is, I won 70 smackaroos on my first quarter, so I'm not actually "spending" money gambling, but I'm kinda bored already.

8 days to go. I'm staying out of the spa. I just has a massage the day before I left, and it was so much better than the ones I've gotten on cruises.

And nobody will try to sell me anything if I don't go there.

And the music on this ship. Don't even get me started. It sucks so bad a deaf man would run. The over 60s love it.

Ah well. Like I said, I shouldn't complain. I'm on vacation!!! It'll be more fun when we start hitting the ports tomorrow. St. Martin is first. Old naked guys running on the beach. Now that's somethign to look forward to. LOL!


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