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9:32 p.m. - 2010-04-06
Always the bad with the good.
So, the step-dad is on the hospital again. He drank champagne and his bladder (having been treated for cancer a few times) was irritated and he commenced passing copious amounts of blood. So, they washed him out and did some tests and if it doesn't stop, they'll go in and do something.

Meanwhile, my mom is staying with me because she won't stay in the house alone after dark...

We really need to have a blunt convo about what's going to happen once my step-dad passes away one day. Because I am not going to ruin any possibility of a normal, happy relationship because my mom is living with me.

She needs to find a group living situation.

In other news, Dude is making me very happy. Now, if I can get rid of my mom this weekend (harsh, I know) and invite him up here, I'll be even happier.

It'll be tricky, because I'm babysitting the nephew from 8-1 on Saturday, then going to a local fort for a re-enactment and a bike ride with uber christian friends and their kids Sunday at 1. But I see a window of opportunity between the nephew and the bike ride... We'll just have to see what's up with his schedule.

I'm thinking the chances of him wanting to hang with my nephew or my uber christian friends before we've even had a first non-Faceb00k date are pretty slim.

So, we'll have to see.

Wish me luck!

Oh! Forgot to tell you. Mom has to have more spine surgery soon.

However, again, she's going to have to find someone to help out, because I'm not ditching Dude to take care of her. And although she has taken care of me when I've had surgery, enough is enough. And the timing truly sucks. So big bro is going to have to pitch in this time. It'll be good for them.


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