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7:51 a.m. - 2010-04-14
Boy update
Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe your own personal Zen has been PLAYED!

Oh yes. I caught a convo that Dude had with one of his friends on FB. (Nothing is private...)

Friend said: Dude, I want some of the girls on your friends list.

Dude said: So do I! This is gonna be a long FB night...

So, I have apparently run into the elusive creature known as the FB Playah....

Actually, I feel kind of cool. It's just like being back in school again. Makes me feel young.

I just really wish it was appropriate to tell someone to go fuck themselves on FB. It would make me feel better about getting all silly about the boy. That was nice though too. I need to get silly over boys now and them to remind me that I'm alive.

I do have to monitor myself with the god-kiddos and their grandmother on my friends list.


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