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7:17 p.m. - 2010-04-17
Stupid boys
So, I'm updating Facebook this morning and who should appear on my screen? You guessed it. Dude.

I almost didn't answer, but I did.

He asked what I did last night and I told him I went out with all my guy buddies and Six and one of my Naptown friends and had a great time.

Then he said, "Shit! Mutual friend did tell me you all were going out last night..."


So he asked if we were going out again tonight. I told him to call mutual friend.

Then I told him I was heading out to lunch with mutual friend and H, and to call me tonight.

Six and I took bets on whether he would actually call or come out. So far, I'm winning. She said it was 50/50. I said 90/10.


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