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10:37 p.m. - 2010-04-18
Men are Venus too, only from the other side of the ocean.
So, "IT" or Dude, is paying attention to me again.

I did win my bet about him coming out and/or calling Saturday. He did not. According to IT (will remain IT until I'm over my snit), it stayed in Saturday night. OK. Fine. But he would have had much more fun if he'd come out to play with me.

Yes, I am vain enough to be offended that he didn't jump at the chance to hang with The Zen, but realistic enough (after a good talking to by my Michigan friend) to realize that he probably is into me, but not THAT into me. You know, the kind of into me that runs toward self-sacrifice in order to be with the person of your affections.

We've only really known eachother for a couple weeks, and he's obviously not as impuslive as me. Which is a good thing. Because I've jumped into some pretty dreadful situations before due to impulsiveness.

He pinged me again tonight on FB to say hi, and tell me he was too lazy to motivate Saturday night, but hoped I had a good time. And suggested we both call in sick tomorrow and head to the Ocean.

And, knowing that he is not the impulsive person I am, I took that to mean that he was ust kidding, and didn't pack my bags. But we did reminisce for a few minutes about childhood memories at the beach. That was nice.

I have accepted that I am probably one of a few women this crazy guy is chatting with, so I'll just ride the wave and see what happens. Unfortunately, he's the only guy I'm talking to at the moment, tho this married guy totally harrassed me about going to this event Saturday that I didn't go to... He was so persistent, it was weird.

Six - you know him. The newspapaer editor that came in after us??? Weird.

Anyway, my narcisistic little soul is happy that I'm not beig ignored by a man at the moment. And that's as good as it's going to get for the time being.

I am SO that girl who gets hooked up with the bar tender in the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You". Only without the extremes...

Good night all. Hope everyone has a good week!


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