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10:17 p.m. - 2010-04-19
Praying for something bad.
I am so angry at boss man right now I could cry.

He stole my favorite employee to put her on something that I guess is more important than what I'm doing and had no shame about it.

I have 30 major projects, and 1.5 people to run them now. I was already understaffed by 4 people.

And he gave me a fucking lecture about how people are stretching to cover all the work.

Fuck that. I've been stretching for years now without complaint. I'm the workhorse of the department. There's no fucking way I can do anything close to program AND project management for 30+ projects.

The project owners were already complaining about being left hi and dry because we can't do much more than keep track of the high level things no less actually manage their projects.

Fuck him and fuck the horse he rode in on.

If the whole things falls apart, I am not taking responsibility. At least I will feel none.

I'm just so pissed because I feel I'm being punished for hiring good resources and now they're being taken away. And I'm being punished for not whining and screaming about how fucking busy I am so I get my people taken away, and my boss assumes I must be twiddling my thumbs I have so much time on my hands.

I'm almost praying to be laid off at this point...


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