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7:28 a.m. - 2010-04-28
The NBA killed my love life
Dude finally came clean about why he hasn't wanted to come out on the weekends.

He's a hard core basketball fan and pretty much is melded to his easy chair until the NBA finals.


Anyway, we had an almost phone convo on Sunday. He pinged me on FB while I was still in The City, and I was starving. I expressed this to him, and he called Sully to get him to feed me. Then Sully called me on the other phone and offered an egg sandwich. Which are killer good. Everything he makes is killer good.

Unfortunately, Six and her BF and I had just made plans to hit the local chinese place at this point, and they weren't feeling the Sully-love, so I talked my way out of it saying I was going to pick something up on the way.

So, there's my almost phone call with the Dude. We talked through Sully, as well as chatting on FB at the same time.

Progress? Who the hell knows. But it is very entertaining.

Oh! Six and I were invited to a Drag Cirque du Soleil by a gorgeous hunk of girly man while at The Bar. Don't ask...

Anyway, we're going, and we invited the boys, including Dude. But they all gave us a collective thanks, but no thanks. Imagine that...

So, who's taking bets on whether Dude will become a real boy after basketball season? I've heard of the species. You know, golf widows (hi!!!), football widows, etc...

Hey, does anyone know when the NBA final game is? I need an ETA on my potential love life.


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