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7:45 a.m. - 2010-11-11
The eye of the storm.
Hi guys!

I've been really out of touch lately. Head up my ass, trying to be care taker, cook, housekeeper, entertainment organizer, occupational therapist, friend, daughter, aunt, sister, boss, representative, advocate, etc...

It finally caught up with me, and I started to feel really run down. Like the flu without the snot and poop.

So, I checked myself, took a deep breath, made some decisions, and I feel much better.

Now, I have a lovely long weekend to just hang, sleep, and think of absolutely nothing.

And I have a mini business trip to Chicago to look forward to. I'll be flying in early afternoon on a Tuesday, and flying out after the event Wednesday, but I'm looking forward to Tuesday afternoon and evening in Chicago. I'm going to find the best deep dish pizza available and have a religious experience.

THEN...I have a long weekend scheduled at a local inn where a bonafide French chef will be teaching me and a few other guests how to cook over three days. Can't wait!


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