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8:47 a.m. - 2011-03-02
I suppose that with the bad really does come the good.

My boss sent me home for two days to get well from an upper respiratory infection. Yay!

And the bonuses that I was entited to this year actually came though!!!! I was able to pay-off over 90% of my total debt, and will officially be debt free in a couple of months now.

Each bonusI get in the future will be free and clear!!!

I keep going back to my credit cad and401K accounts to look at the balances again and again. I can't believe its real.

I've been in massive debt since I left college. And it was not only college debt, but added on debt year after year. Its been a monkey on my back and a crutch, and my closest friend for half my life.

And I thought I would miss it. My close friend and crutch.

But as I mailed the certified check to pay-off the 401K loan I couldn't stop smiling. I smiled at the teller who printed it for me. I smiled at the mail box.

And as I look at my accounts, which I've looked at every day for years with fear and regret, I smile so much.

And I have no doubts about how I'm going to live without the chains around my feet. I'm gonna celebrate.

Just as soon as I get rid of these boogers and the nasty fever that's keeping me down.


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