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9:37 a.m. - 2003-04-09
The catharsis
There is a God. Because I woke up this morning with a nasty migraine headache behind me (absolute misery yesterday) and a brightened outlook on life.

I think it was the movie and the coloring with the dog yesterday evening and a good night's sleep. She likes to color. Crazy things happen when my dog and I are left to our own devices.

She was nosing my pictures as I scribbled back and forth, getting the paper all wet so they crayon wouldn't stick. So I put a crayon between her tickly toes (its so funny, she laughs) and let her scribble a bit. All the while watching Maid in Manhatten. (I'm a little embarrased by this, but when you live in the sticks, you take what you can get.) It was actually a good fit, because it was a modern day Cinderella, although I don't think those class distinctions really apply for the most part anymore, thank the gods.

For tonight, I have rented "The Man from Elesian Fields". (forgive spelling) I hope it isn't boring, but with Andy Garcia playing a male escort, it can't be too bad. I wonder how that will play into the Cinderella theme?

The plan for this weekend:

1. No alcohol, not even Vodka

2. I will lay on the couch and vegetate as long as possible unless the weather is pretty, in which case the pup and I will take a long walk to air off.

3. I will call my long distance friends to check in and hear their voices.

4. I will forget I have a job and pretend that I am independantly employed as a travel show host like Rick Steves or an international animal show host like Jack Hanna.

5. I will make a nice big cozy pot of chicken veggie soup without burning it.

See ya!


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