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8:30 p.m. - 2012-06-14
Guess who???

It's so funny. I just read my last update, and SO much has happened since then.

So, here is the lowdown.

1) I'm still single.
2) I just hooked up with H (friend with bennies) again for the first time in two years a couple weekends ago.
3) I'm buying a house! A townhouse. Mini yard...
4) I still have the same job, but have been promoted some more. Still have a love/hate relationship toward it.
5) Still hanging with my yoga friend, Eastportgrl, Batten and the awesome published writer Sixweasels.

See? Not much has changed. I'm home more, drink less, support local farmers, and love my nephew so much I fairly burst with it.

I kinda pictured myself in a much different place at this age. Thought I'd be married, have kids, have a job I liked. But, instead, I have the above list, and a mother who lives with me because she's scared to live by herself since my step-dad died of ALS last year.

Its OK though. Its my life. I'm sick to death of wanting things that don't seem to be in the cards. I want to want my life. Its the only one I get. I want it to be really good.

I want to really like it.

So that's the intention I put out into the universe. If I can't get what I want, I want to like what I've got.

There. Two years summed up in a couple paragraphs.

Thanks for listening.


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