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8:42 a.m. - 2003-05-12
Freakin' Wedding Shit
I hate fucking weddings. I have this aquaintance/friend who I went on a whim to Cancun a couple years ago with some friends from the gym. She's getting married next month, and has dubbed me her best friend, and has invited me to at least four pre-wedding events, taking up the best weekends of spring.

I really do hate weddings. I have a priest lined up in New Hampshire who will marry me when I find HIM. There will be no fancy wedding with foufou dresses, showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, etc. There will be me, HIM, and the priest, along with two witnesses who may come from the hills for all I care.

I don't mind attending/participating in weddings for my good friends. In fact, I have experienced a couple of really nice weddings and wedding festivities. They were for people I care about, and enjoy spending time with. My friends P and Sailor-girl know who to do it. Invite your good buddies and just rock out. My friend who eats too much cheese had a really nice one too. Italian and Greek weddings are always a blast too. More like a real party than a wedding.

However, I do not feel that I am obligated to participate in the weddings of women I work with even if we did go to Cancun on spring break 1999 or something! We have almost nothing in common except that trip, and now I am invited to the shower (which was Saturday and nearly drew blood from my eyes it was so mundane). I am also invited to a three day bachelorette party with 18!!! girls I don't know, where we'll be staying in a condo with one bathroom. I am also invited to the Rehearsal dinner although I am not even in the wedding! And it al started with a freaking BOW amking party. If you've met me, you'd know instinctually that I am not the bow making type. I can't even walk straight without flipping an ankle on flat ground, no less make something crafty. And all the pink!!!

Tehr are planning sessions fo rthis, planning sessions for that.

This fucking wedding is taking over my life, and she's barely a friend! I've know women for much shorter a span who I've called true friends. You just know when you meet them that they are good people and you have some sort of connection. This was not the case. Wedding lady was just going to the right place at the right time and I got sucked into wedding mania.

Catch this -- they even invited their friends on their honeymoon! They're going to a couples resort on St. Lucia and two other couples are going with. What a honeymoon! I'm not saying anything weird is being planned - they are not that type. But a honeymoon with your pals is way too inclusive for me.

Thank God I'm single! I didn't have to suffer another invitation and refusal.

I'm bailing out of the 3 day bachelorette event. I just don't think our relationship requires me to spend three days at the ocean with a gaggle of catty bimbos sharing one bathroom.

Oh, I feel much better now. Looking forward to a great wine-filled weekend at the faire!


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