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8:38 a.m. - 2003-05-15
A Ode to McDonalds and Yoga
I've finaly registered for a yoga class. I totally flunked out this year due to the big move, the snow, the increased work hours and many other excuses I would not dare to reveal, because they are so very lame. There is never a good reason for not doing something good for you body, right? Such as that egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds this AM with a fully loaded Coke. After I ate yogurt though. Does that count?

I'm looking forward to the yoga class though. I miss my teacher and my friends. I feel so disconnected from the whole experience, and my spine has been bellowing at me to get my ass in gear. An ass, by the way that is ever expanding, or at least it seems so at the moment because I'm PMSing. Thus, the MCDonalds run this AM.

Pray to whatever gods that this weekend is a nice one. I have lots of fun activities planned with Sixweasels and The Boys and can't be rained on. The Boys would squeal and we'll be stuck in Sully's house listening to The Doors and drinking Budweiser till we turn green.



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