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12:26 p.m. - 2003-09-02
Thwarted at the go.
I was a sober Zencelt this weekend past, and am glad of it. There is no way I could have run as fast as I did from Sully's vocal ass if I were under the influence. The man knows no bounds. He animatedly farted AT a cute waitress who had been flirting with him all evening as we munched on shrimp and beer. To give him credit, he didn't know she was right behind him. But really! What did he expect? The kid was only 20 at most, and probably the cutest, most normal woman to hit on him in a while.

The really funny part was when she went back to the bar and told the other patrons what happened. I saw them leave their chairs one by one to sneak over and get a peak of the ass man. Then the chef came out of the kitchen for a good look and a shake of the head.

And I was sharing a plate of shrimp with him! Good god, what must people think of me?

In other news, I made every attempt to pick up a new man Friday night, but was thwarted by The DJ. With every new attempt to flirt and draw them in, The DJ pressed closer up againt my body and jabbered into my ear like a hen. I'm not sure it was intentional, but it annoyed the shit out of me.

Sully did try to help though. I picked out a particularly fine specimin at a table nearby. When he came up to the bar to order drinks, Sully introduced himself and then us and tried to hold the guy's attention. No luck. He ran away back to his table as soon as humanly possible. Didn't even look me in the eye when he shook my hand. Hmmph! Sully and the DJ announced that he was a wife beater anyway. In fact, they pointed out that all the men I find attractive look like wife beaters.

I think I'll just leave that alone for now. No more self-analysis. And next time I'm out and about, I'll try again. Bravery, fortitude, boldness. That is my mantra.


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