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4:52 p.m. - 2003-10-01
Mad cows and contortionists.
I want to say something so badly, but I can't think of anything. I feel the need to write, but nothing of importance, or note is coming to mind. I feel a sense of expectation, like something big is going to happen. Something good. A sense that all will be right with the world soon. At least the world of the Zencelt. But nothing that forms words.

Maybe its just fall. I always feel warm and fuzzy in the fall. I feel energetic and crave time outdoors with nature. I want to listen to John Denver and visit historic national parks. I need to connect.

I've always loved fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving, the whole shebang. Pumpkins and turkeys and costumes. This will be my first year handing out candy. I've always lived in areas shunned by kids because I was too far out in the country or I lived in an old snobs neighborhood. I am so excited I'm practically bouncing off the walls and its only October 1!

Yoga has started up again, and I feel the comforting letting go of stiff muscles and stiff soul. I have three work friends with me this session, and they are providing entertainment to the class. Yoga is new to them, and they begged me to join the beginners class with them. Its been three years since I've been a beginner, but going back to the basics is comforting too. I'm reminded of myself when I was so tight I couldn't make it into 3/4 of the poses, and the others were far from comfortable. I see their faces, and the thoughts come out in stereo -- "You want me to do what? With my what?" They bring me joy every Monday.

Tonight, I've chosen to have dinner at my Mom's. I'm having turkey burgers with homemade mashed potatoes, she's having Shepard's Pie with beef. She's so nice about helping me maintain my anti-beef campaign. Stupid Mad Cow! I didn't like beef very much to begin with, so its no big loss, but it can make eating at other houses a little dicey. I'm just plain scared to death of the stuff. Won't touch it. My sister-in-law insists that I can eat her spagetti sauce, although she cooks it for three days with BEEF. How does that make it anti-cow safe? And who cooks spagetti sauce for three days straight anyway? The shit is brown, like ... shit.

Jeez! And I thought I didn't have anything to say!


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