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2:44 p.m. - 2003-12-17
For Sixweasels
Don't miss entry number 1 today. I stole this idea from Batten because I don't even know what a guest book is.

This is for Sixweasels:

The respect you have earned -- you have EARNED. Having a Bachelor's is hardly equivalent to being a five dollar girl, my dear. It is really something. And nobody helped you do it. You simply didn't write a really long paper about a really boring subject that doesn't even relate to your current position. How much smarter does it really make you? Not. Neither does the symphony nor the Eddie Bauer edition of whatever uber expensive SUV they drive. Class distinctions belong in the middle ages along with wiping your butt with corn cobs and leaves.

Its hard to live with both societal extremes tugging at you. On one hand there are the educated/pretty/well offs who judge you on your degrees and worldly goods. On the other, there are the ugly/poor/blue collars who judge you IF you have a degree and worldly goods.

You have always been woman apart. You have bridged the gap and earned the respect and admiration of both extremes. If you were highly educated on paper and rich, you'd feel guilty about it. As it is, you have a Bachelor's and can't afford to move into a warm home, and you feel like an imposter.

Give yourself credit for being highly intelligent. Creative. Superior friend. Funny. Pretty. Good taste. Wise. Insightful. Motivated. Adventurous. Brave. Loving. Generous. Committed. Laid back. Considerate. Patient. Protective. Down to earth. Emotional. Well spoken. Loved. Admired. Respected. Resourceful. Strong. Adaptive.

The list goes on.

The great thing about circumstances is that they can change. You may not even expect it. But they do. Something will give, either within or without.

And you'll be nice and toasty on the cruise...


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