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9:21 a.m. - 2004-01-05
Everything and nothing.
I slept like a rock Saturday night. Almost ten hours. That never happens. I felt so relaxed and refreshed. The lines were gone from my face. Beauty sleep really does work. I need that kind of sleep more often.

I've been looking through shore excursions for the cruise this morning, thanks to Lota. I've found four that sound like fun. We're going to coordinate at least one that we can all 5 do together. It looks like we may actually have two. One with turtles and one with booze. I think the one with turtles is boozeless. They don't want drunk girls messing with the critters.

I've started reading Nora Roberts in preparation for the cruise. Nora puts me in vacation mode with her light style and happy endings. I'll save the more serious stuff for after the cruise. For now, its light and fluffy. Just three months to go!

I've found that coming back to work is easier. I am no longer following the dictate of ignore abuse and it will go away eventually. I am striking back hard, professional, but hard. I will no longer be the victim of a bully. Come what may, I am doing the right thing, and this person will learn a lesson to carry through life. Even in corporations, there is a right and a wrong.

And I'm here to tell them about it. Those lucky corporate schmucks.


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