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3:21 p.m. - 2004-01-14
On a presidential note.
Entry number 2:

I'm a pathetic loser. A Political Science degree holder with no interest in the current election. The thing is, I do not believe that any one person has the answers and can get it all right. We would have voted that person in by now.

Politics in a democracy is a no win situation. There is no "one" right way, because we make every opinion count. If this were a dictatorship, then I'd be more invested. Because dictators run in a single direction. Their own. In America, we run in several different directions at once. Voters, lobbyists, special interest groups, congress, senate, the media, the cabinet and peer pressure make the decisions. Not the president.

Not that I'm down with dictatorship. I'm certainly not. But you have to admit, its neater, more precise, and decisions are made quickly and completely.

But, I'll put up with the frustration that is democracy. The bi-polar existence. The endless chasing of the tail.

I just want someone who uses good grammer and good diction when speaking. Someone who has a powerful presence and at least looks like he'd be the guy in charge.

I had such hope for Bush. I had hope that he would put together a decent cabinet, and learn how to communicate effectively.

Ah well. I'll vote. Probably for him, because nobody else on the docket thus far has the appeal of a mad cow burger with cheese and mayonaisse. Bush, at least, is bread and water.

But, I'll be damned if I'm watching any more creepy debates. What is it about presidential debates that turns grown people into juvenial pieces of shit? Creeps me out.


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