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9:58 a.m. - 2004-02-06
Ice encrusted Zen.
Umm.... Uncle Bob traumatized me this morning. I came into work dripping wet and hungry and saw his post. Now, I'm feelng a bit like I did last night after the sugar free candy incident. Eew!

I'm gonna go get myself a cup o' tea and forget that it ever happened...

In other news, I am now the cruise expert at work. With this bad weather tons of people are planning cruise outings and looking to me for advice. I feel like a travel agent. Its nice to be needed.

This weekend is gonna bite. I'm working all weekend, and H is going to be completely childless. An opportunity for wild, crazy shagging out the window. I dearly hope I'm rewarded for this... If I am, I'll have to share a little with H, since I am partially responsible for keeping his whiny ass happy now.

Sorry Six, it looks like I will most likely be holed up here, so you get to be the shoulder for H to whine on. I'll do everything I can to get down there, but it isn't looking good.

Oh yeah, and I got this foot spray yesterday. It came with a bottle of body oil. I sprayed it on my feet this morning after my shower, and my toes are freezing. It has tea tree and peppermint oils in it. I think its making me feel chilly. The body oil feels good though. I was getting dry, itchy winter skin, and it is feeling much happy now. The oil soaked right in.

I spoke to my metro sexual neighbor this morning as we chipped ice off our cars. He and his girlfriend are moving out. They bought a house down the street from our apartment complex. I hope that my new neighbor/s are cool. Even thought I'll only be around for a bit longer.

Off to get my tea.


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