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9:33 a.m. - 2004-03-30
Table dancing and chowder.
Hi all! I had a great half-day off yesterday. I went to the park and had a bubble gum flavored snowball. I shopped a bit and bought a super pair of denim capri's that make my ass look smaller. And I generally loafed until after dinner when I packed and cleaned like a woman on a mission. I can't have a filthy house for the cruise girls ya know! I even watered my plants.

My fancy friend is taking me out to lunch today at a fancy restaurant. Its one of my favorites that I took Sixweasels and her husband to a few years ago. So there'll be good birthday eats.

Its birthday week. I'm taking it for all its worth. And I'm planning to take it into April so I can celebrate on the cruise and make a nuisance of myself. OH, and Batten promised to dance on tables in honor of the occasion! We are going to be very popular!

Hey, everyone, please go over to CaptainRon and give him hugs and kisses. Big wet sloppy ones. He's feeling under par and is dealing with medical mysteries. Nasty stuff. Lots of luv and chowdah Captain!


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