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1:09 p.m. - 2004-04-23
Weekends are lovely.
One huge salad and pizza later, and I'm stuffed to the gills. And feeling much like a nap waiting to happen. Although I enjoyed the new found luxury of napping on the boat, I think I started a bad habit, because now I want one every day. Right after lunch, then again at around 3pm.

Health report:

Still full o' bogies, but much, much better overall. I think I've shifted from Flu/Cold to allergies. I hear the pollen count is out of site. Although, I haven't had much exposure since my return being holed up in the office and all.

I'm just hoping I feel all better for the orintation at Curves Monday. Maybe I should prescribe to the Sixweasels school of wellness by drinking myself under the table this weekend and killing off any remaining germs with alcohol. Works for The Bar, so I may give it a try. Cabana Boy! Rum punch please!

But alas, I am here on land where Cabana Boys never tread. No Mangos to pour obscene amounts of Banana Slammers into my plastic cup as we sail back to the mainland. Sniff, sniff.

So my plan for the weekend is this:

1) Hang with my godchildren's mother A tonight. We are going to look at her new apartment if we can get a key. We need to plan spacial relationships and storage. Then she has layaway at Walmart and there's a buy one get one free sale on shoes at KMart. Only for her would I risk my life and limbs to visit Walmart on a Friday night.

2) Tomorrow is as yet unplanned. I really want to see H, but it's his daughter's week and I don't like to intrude on her special time with daddy. Plus, she is the slumber party queen, and he has to keep some semblance of respectability with other kiddies roaming around. So that will have to wait until next weekend God willing. It seems we don't manage to get together more than one a month or so. Always some sort of drama going on with his friends or family, or whatever. I know he's not my boyfriend by choice, but I do require regular "servicing" as he likes to call it. Drama or no. Is that so much to ask?

3) Sunday is swimming with the godchildren in the evening. This is their last opportunity in the indoor pool at their development. They move next weekend to the new place. So I promised to spend Friday night through Saturday early evening with Iya to keep her out of the way. So she and I are going to a local festival for pony rides, ice cream and games. That should make the kid happy.

Have a lovely weekend all. There are more cruise stories to tell, and I will tell them as soon as I find the brains I've coughed out.


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