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9:06 a.m. - 2004-05-11
dear Brookie.
We've talked and talked about how last year was so aweful and this year will be better. But there is no beginning or end in the middle of winter, it rolls on to the next day and the year starts anew.

Sixweasels has lost another dear furry weasel to the disease that takes so many. The bad year never ended. Here is the pain of loss again as if it never went away. As if last year wasn't some cursed time when all bad things happened and then the curse was lifted.

Time and nature take their courses and lead us to happiness and sadness in turn. Pets who makes our lives purposeful and happy also have to pass on. They cannot stay with us forever. But if only they would.

We want to keep each one forever and take them to heaven with us. But, most of the time, they beat us there. And I imagine them playing happily, and laughing at us when we get there, because we've been missing out on all the fun while we were toiling away at our jobs, relationships and lives.

They know the simplicity of happiness. Especially if they are fortunate enough to have parents like Six and Mr. Weasel. Parents like that show only love, and make life grand for the smallest of creatures. Memories that will last an eternity. Lessons of play and laughter and the freedom to be.

That's what its like to live at Chateau Weasel as I've dubbed it. Dogs, cats and weasels living the life of animal luxury. In their own terms, not human. Treats plentiful, love unending.

If I were an animal, they would be my first choice. Hell, I'm a person and I've practically lived there part-time for 12 or so years. Its a good place to be.

Nothing helps grief. It runs it's course like everything else in nature. Nothing I say or write will ease sadness or make something painful feel better. But I'm here. And I love you.

Take care of yourself Six. Call me if you need to talk.


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