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9:13 a.m. - 2004-05-26
Ramblings on.
Sixweasels is scaring me. We don't have locusts in my neck of the woods, which is surprising because we were overloaded with them 17 years ago. But I'm going down there for the booze fest this weekend, and keep thinking about one of those big fat fuckers dive bombing my samples. I mean, you don't get much at thiese shindigs, and I don't want some fucking locust jobbies drinking all mine.

We had quite a storm last night. Power lines down, tree parts everywhere, flooding galore. And I slept right through it. How do you sleep though something like that?

Oh yeah, and how about that American Idol? Apart from the weird song where she sang the background, Fantasia rocked. And I cried (not even PMSing) when Simon told here that she was the best ever in the world Idol contestant. Love her.


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