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9:21 a.m. - 2004-06-30
I'm back, I'm moved and boy did I cry like a baby on my empty bedroom floor. Just like a baby, snot and all, and since I was completely moved out, and had already cleaned, I had nowhere to wipe the snot. So I had to strategically leave the building so that nobody would see me so I could get to the car, and Kleenex. Then I drove around town for two hours trying to get to the rental office, but not able to actually park, because I had to give up my keys and I wasn't ready yet.

And to add insult to injury, the movers charges 307, plus their 20 dollar tips each (because they were really VERY good and nice). That's about 200 more than last year. I guess I have much more shit than last year. Damn!

So, there goes any kind of cruise fund I had going for the fall. I am definately on for an island say this winter though. I need something to look forward to.

Plus, I looked at my bank and credit card statements yesterday. I had moved some funds around to get my debt on to 0% interest. And don't you know it? I fucked up again. And it was so insideous, I didn't even realize I was building debt again. Its not like I bought a car or anything! Just little, piddly charges that rung up my over draft protection to the tune of... I can't say it. Its too humiliating.

So now, I have the loan under 10K, but tons of other debt spread onto a 0% and my overdraft. Can we say fuck up? Let's just get it over with and say fuck up. I need a financial manager who gives me allowances each week. I obviously can't control myself. All that time I was spending in my head about 1/4 of what I really thought I was spending. People who make half what I do don't have this kind of spending habits.

So, eat less, spend less, don't shag assholes, stay out of the sun, take old man meds... Where is the fun?


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