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8:13 p.m. - 2004-07-24
Sully, his ass and his mouth.
I slept with Sully last night and have three bruises on my left foot... but, I'll get to that later.

Last night when I arrive at Chateau Sully, I felt like I was going to the prom. The DJ was all pimped out in nice black slacks, black t-shirt, shiny shoes and a white dinner jacket. He looked like a throw back to Miami Vice. It was cool though. It went with the whole Cubano theme. I arrived to much heckling, because I was wearing jeans and an old t-shirt, but I did have my slutwear in a backpack. A found a great swingy skirt and boobie top in my closet, complete with great heels that were very easy to dance in since you mainly dance on your toes when doing salsa.

The DJ and I got to the class and were immediately shuffled around so that each girl could dance with all the other guys and vice versa. I met three pervs, one mean guy that I threatened with de-ballment, a couple I can't remember, and an R&B type white guy about 20 who danced like Ricky Ricardo. I actually danced the best with him becuse he knew how to lead. It was a great feeling.

The DJ and I eventually went wondering down the street and found Sully and Six, and we all decided it was time for cheap beer. Off we went to The Bar where Pauly was working for the night. He laughed his ass off at me when I fell off my barstool. I was surrounded by three or four men who were trying to look up my skirt (I had given up on being proper and was sitting crosslegged on the stool). Even an old crush was there trying to talk me into giving him a personal going away party.

And did one of them attempt to save me from falling off the 4 foot stool onto my ass? NO. Six saved me. Its a good thing I have that girl at my back. Fucking Penises!

-- Here is where I sleep with Sully --

The DJ (our ride) took off early and left us seeking transport home. Six's dad had the van so we piled in and he dropped us all off at Six's. So I had to share my futon with Sully and his ragged ass. He spent about 5 minutes propositioning me for sex, then went to sleep with my hand under his chest. It took me a while to get it out, because as thin as he is, he's pretty heavy. He only farted on me twice, elbowed me once in the left boob (which is why I can't figure out why my left foot is bruised)and rolled on top of me once. I booted his ass off the futon and into the kitchen for that.

So, all in all, sleeping with Sully isn't bad. Until he wakes up. He would't shut up. He's like a two year old who wants everyone up to pay attention to him. He went on and on for two hours from 8-10. We didn't get to sleep till 4! How is it that someone like Sully is so fucking perky in the morning? Beats me...

I've spent the entire day recovering from being Sullied. Movie tonight then a long night's sleep. There will be no more booze! For now...


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