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9:50 a.m. - 2004-07-30
The wisdom of Sully.
I just hit my head on the desk, my neck/shoulder/back are still screaming in pain, someone is drilling something in my office, the contruction workers next to us are bombing the hell out of some rock and making the whole building shake, and I have the weekend of working constantly and the week of hell following.

I am feeling very sorry for myself. I could have been at the beach. With Sully and the DJ and Sixweasels.

When it gets this bad at work, I always think to myself, WWSD?

What Would Sully Do.

He'd say a million profane things that even I'd need a dictinary for. He'd drink a million Buds, and he'd come up with some sort of even more profane wisdom. And he'd definately go to the beach.

Me? Too responsible. Plus, I need the job.

But, once in while, its nice to pretend you're a Sully for a bit. Its liberating.


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