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1:34 p.m. - 2004-08-12
Zenning out.
September is going to be an awesome month. I've enrolled in a Pilates class at the local community college and am starting up with Yoga classes again at my teacher's studio. I found a Reiki class, but its 10-4 every Saturday, and that's a huge committment. So, I'm putting that off till later. I also found that my old meditation teacher is doing a class again, but I'm afraid to over do it.

Besides, I'm still hoping that the Tai Chi guy offers a class this fall too. You can never have too much fun.

I'm so excited. Now that I've graduated from college, I love taking classes. Even if they are exercise classes. It gives me a feeling of purpose.

BTW - if you haven't, go look at July28's pic of highland games (might be a couple back). If you need to know what a Zen wants, what a Zen needs, its all right there. In glorious kilted color. The obsession continues.


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