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12:14 p.m. - 2004-08-13
Happy B-day to Six & the check-list.

Send her lots o love and kisses everyone!

Julia Childs:

Julia Childs has passed onto the great stainless steel kitchen in the sky. She was a great rainy day PBS watch while I was growing up. I had no idea what she was doing, or why, but I found her voice soothing and entertaining.

Now she can have all the butter, beer and pasta she wants.

Amish in the City:

Does anyone else have an unmentionable crush on Mose? When he takes those glasses off, and takes charge, I want me a bit o Mose. Do you think the Amish would take me? I've always been told I look Amish without make-up.

Maybe I'm just hormonal. Because, well...if you've seen it.


I joined a support groups (TOPS) in an effort to overtake the Buddha Belly expansion. I've gained a lot of weight, but my clothes still pretty much fit the same (except for a couple of shirts where my boobies are busting out). Weird. But the group is great. We have old people, we have young people. We have the British, we have the toothless and we have a recent Lottery millionaire.

Gay Boyfriends:

AND we have a gay couple. Let's just say I am well on my way to having TWO gay boyfriends. They are so friendly, and I am in love with their psychoses already. Why are gay men so unhinged? Always with the drama. Its cute though. I can't wait to go shoe shopping together. (OK, that was a bit stereotypical, but I couldn't resist.)

Now to get one of those large kilted men under my belt, literally (hee, hee, hee).

Yes, the girl IS hormonal.

Island Hopping:

I'm going to an island tomorrow. In the middle of the bay. I hope the hurricane doesn't eat me up. It will prove to be an exciting day.

Sean Paul:

Sean Paul is in my head, because I bought he CD and I keep listening to it again and again. I didn't realize befoe that all his songs are about sex. He's a dirty little thing. Wouldn't it just figure though?


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