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8:58 a.m. - 2004-10-25
Kids and coffee.
My spine is feeling much better today. Thanks for the heating pad suggestion, Batten. More than any drug therapy, that did the trick. Although those muscle relaxers were swingin'.

I spent most of the weekend laying around and stretching to get my spine back into shape. Then yesterday I ventured out to the dreaded Wall Mart to pick up some luggage. I had to throw away my old carry-on suitcase because it finally gave up the ghost. I bought a new one for 29.99, and it included a tote on rollers and a carry bag. Not a bad deal.

I love that I have luggage that is too worn and broken down to use anymore.

A new coffee place opened in town. Its some kind of chain, and the drinks/food are incredible. I went there after my harrowing trip to Wall Mart to simmer down and give thanks for keeping all of my limbs attached. And I had a weird experience. These days I seem to be attracting a whole new set of admirers. Teenaged boys with zits and cautious smiles on their little faces. I think they think I'm their age, because they keep flirting with me. Or maybe they like my 96 C^v^c coupe. But,I was flirted with my at least three of them.

Its a sorry thing when only the junkies and children of the world think you're hot. I think its the care taker vibes I give out.

Countdown to surgery, T minus 10 days and counting. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...


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