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10:55 a.m. - 2005-01-11
Poop and farts, once again.
I watched LOR Return of the King again last night after gymming. It amazes me that the movie still makes me cry after all this time. When Merry and Pippin get separated, when Sam and Frodo separate, when Faramir gets rejected by his father, when Arwen's father realizes she is truely mortal, when he tells Viggo that its time to put the ranger aside and be the King, when the hobbits are being recognized for their bravery and Viggo tells them to bow to nobody, all the various endings, especially when Frodo leaves on the ship.

It kills me. My eyes are puffy.

Something about the actors, direction and cinematography makes the charactors so much more expressive than normal humans, so that they leap directly into your heart and snuggle in.

I'm all for warm fuzzies.

Speaking of which, I understand that there has been an upheavel at the Sizweasels household. The girl cat known as Elliot, is actually a boy! The penis was on display. So, no longer is there a tomboy in the house. Just a boy.

I wondered how you could tell. I've heard that you lift the tail, but beyond that... Who'd want to life an animal's tail and look between its legs anyway? The only time I look there on my dog is if I smell something suspicious, like cling-on. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, out come the baby wipes and disinfectant.

Speaking of, I went out to lunch with a co-worker yesterday. She insists on eating crab every time, though it gives her intestinal nastiness. She "forgets" that this happens from week to week. She was farting up a storm yesterday afternoon and was spraying foot spray into the air to clear it out. I finally sprayed her ass with Lysol and ordered her to go to the restroom.

Which reminds of days of old when I had a boyfriend (or girlfriend, to this day I swear he was G.A.Y.). He was lactose intolerant and insisted on eating pizza, lasagna, etc. without the assistance of anti-fart drugs. Six and her hubby got a full bore dose one evening after we had broken up. He was dating one of Six's other friends and they had double dated at an Italian restaurant. Cheese was eaten, and he was doubled over in the back seat of Six's car with gas up to his ears, letting it rip oh so silently but deadly.

I think that was the end of the double dates.

Enough poop and farts for one day.


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